Welcome to Baltimore SourceLink

Article by Paul Taylor, Executive Director, Baltimore SourceLinkPaul Taylor of Baltimore SourceLink

Baltimore is home to a wealth of resources to help entrepreneurs and business owners start and grow. Hundreds of nonprofit support organizations provide services to both emerging and existing small businesses throughout the region. However, sometimes an entrepreneur can spend a great deal of valuable time trying to find the right service at the right time.

Helping Small Business Grow

Our mission is to help small business grow and prosper by providing business owners easy access to needed services. Baltimore SourceLink strengthens the network by partnering with the resource providers to:

  • Raise community awareness to increase entrepreneurial activity and network access;
  • Identify gaps in services and promote entrepreneurial growth by initiating innovative programs and strategic alliances;
  • Create a continuously improving process for providing quality services;
  • Find new ways to increase funding for resource provider programs;
  • Measure economic impact.

Finding Resources for Your Business

Baltimore SourceLink is a cost-free referral service providing:

  • Easy access to a specialized network of service providers offering a broad range of expertise
  • Quick links to the appropriate resources to assist in starting or growing a business

Anyone can access the network by calling 443-451-7160 or visiting www.baltimoresourcelink.com and using Resource Navigator, a searchable database of local partner organizations, to find the help you need.

Adding Resource Partners

Any nonprofit, university or government organization that provides direct services to support entrepreneurs and small business growth can be part of this network. We’d like your support in identifying other resources that should be part of the network. Just email us at [email protected] or call 443-451-7160. There is no cost to either the participating organizations, entrepreneurs or small business owners.

Baltimore SourceLink is sponsored by the Small Business Resource Center, the City of Baltimore and Baltimore Development Corporation.

Please tour the website, www.baltimoresourcelink.com, contact us by phone, 443-451-7160, email [email protected] or visit our office and let us know how we can help you. We are located at 1101 E. 33rd St., Suite C307 (Johns Hopkins at Eastern), Baltimore, Maryland 21218.

Our staff is eager to help you!