MBDA Baltimore Business Center

The MBDA Business Center is a Baltimore sponsored federally funded program that assists minority businesses with gaining access to capital, contracts, markets and global development.


Our Mission

MBDA Business Center – Baltimore is an entrepreneurially focused organization committed to wealth creation in the minority business community. Our goal is to cultivate and support the minority business community in the Baltimore region and beyond by improving access to market and financial opportunities (domestic and global), fostering key industry relationships, and leveraging business expertise.

About Us

MBDA Business Center – Baltimore is part of a network of Centers throughout the country fostering the establishment and growth of minority-owned businesses in America. The Center is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency. The Center is operated by the City of Baltimore through the Mayor’s Office of Minority and Women-Owned Business Development.

Core Business Services

Global Business Development Services include identification of export markets, facilitation of global transactions, international trade missions and market analysis, and overseas market promotion assistance.

Access to Capital Services include identification of domestic and global financing opportunities, equity financing, brokerage of financial transactions, identification and closure of merger and acquisition transactions.

Access to Contracts Services include identification of procurement opportunities, solicitation analysis, bid and proposal preparation, negotiation and closing, research contract award histories.

Access to Markets Services include government procurement assistance, private sector contract identification and specialized certification assistance including 8(a), and assistance with market research.

Strategic Business Consulting Services include sales consulting and forecasting, market feasibility studies, operations management and quality control, bid preparation and bonding (construction), and manufacturing facility leasing.

Services Provided

Public Policy and Government Relations

  • African American Business
  • Hispanic Business
  • Business Issues Related to a Specific City
  • Small Business Policy
  • Native American Business

Business Planning

  • Market Plan Development
  • Market Research
  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets

Management Issues

  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Leadership/Professional Development

Import and Export Assistance

  • Import/Export Certification and Licensing
  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets
  • Locating Foreign Distributors
  • Networking/Exploring Exporting
  • Trade Education and Training
  • Financial Assistance for Exporting Activities


  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets
  • Market Plan Development and Training
  • Award Recognition

Networking Organizations

  • Demographically Based
  • Geographically Based

Selling to the Government and Large Corporations

  • Government & Military Specifications
  • HUB Zone Certification
  • Subcontracting Opportunities
  • Selling to Foreign Governments & Businesses
  • Obtaining Government Contracts
  • Obtaining Corporate Contracts

Economic and Site Development

  • Site Location Assistance

Technical Assistance

  • Technology Transfer

Buying or Selling a Business

  • Buying or Selling a Franchise
  • Purchasing an Existing Business

Manufacturing, High Tech, Life Sciences Development

  • Manufacturing Development
  • High Tech Development
  • Life Sciences Development
  • Commercialization
  • Industrial Technology Research
  • Technology Transfer

Internship Programs and Student Services

  • Internship Program
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Education


  • Formal Mentoring Programs
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Peer Mentoring
Contact Information
Scott Phillips
1101 East 33rd Street, Suite 308
Baltimore, MD 21218