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Novak Biddle Venture Partners provides equity financing and assistance to early-stage, information technology companies principally located in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our mission is to help build successful, long-term, sustainable companies.


It is often said that most young companies fail because they are undercapitalized. However experienced investors and entrepreneurs understand that money alone is rarely the difference between success and failure. More important than money is the right combination of people, technology, vision, drive, experience, and relationships. We know that even very talented entrepreneurs, with good products or services, aimed at clearly identifiable market opportunities, may still fail under the burden of all that must be done to get a major business going.

This is why NBVP brings more than money to our portfolio companies. We bring a commitment to work actively with management on a day-to-day basis in order to create a strong foundation for growth. We back founders. Over our history, we have invested in companies with only one or two employees. We will also play a significant role in helping to acquire the additional resources, both financial and human, that early success often requires.

There are, of course, many venture capital organizations; most, however, seek to invest in companies further along in their development, or that are pristine in terms of fully formed management teams. Although such firms can be very helpful to management as active board members, they are often not prepared to function with, or as part of, the management team during crucial periods. We will invest in less developed or difficult situations where the participatory nature of our investment philosophy serves as a hedge against failure. The concept of NBVP emerged from the personal experience of our two founders. Each has participated in the start up of successful ventures, and in all aspects of their growth and financing – both from the investor and from the operating side of the table. We have a first-hand understanding of the motivations and challenges experienced by new companies and their founders

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