Kinetic Ventures

Every day we look forward to partnering with entrepreneurs creating the next big thing.


We know how spectacularly things can work out, like the time a Kinetic portfolio company became the most highly valued venture-backed IPO in history, or when another completed the largest venture backed IPO in history or when a third was acquired for $7 billion.  And, we have plenty of experience with more modest results too.

In all cases, we know the amount of creativity, leadership, ingenuity, courage, personal sacrifice and years of dedication entrepreneurs like you are committed to invest in pursuit of similar rarefied outcomes.  We are inspired by you and look forward to working with you.

What we seek:

  • We seek to back entrepreneurs whose experience, character and values compel us to become partners.
  • Our experience tells us that big, fresh markets served by novel and defensible solutions are ingredients for venture success.
  • We like to become your partner early when you are raising your first $1 to $5 million of institutional capital.
  • Just like you, we like customers.  Our most comfortable time to make our initial investment is when your customers have begun to pay for your solution and we can develop a sense for your sales motion.

Over our three decades of investing, we have developed deep domain knowledge in enterprise software, mobility and cleantech.

Services Provided

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Venture Capital Equity Providers
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