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At Harbor Designs & Manufacturing our associates take a lot of pride in their innovative ideas. With diverse experience in the world of product design and manufacturing we have made great strides in the consumer, industrial, biomedical, transportation and defense markets.


Quality people making quality products

Whether we’re making trash can lids or devices that sniff out anthrax, we bring innovation to the table, offering design suggestions that may include patentable features you hadn’t even considered. By being intimately involved in the launch and daily production of thousands of parts and hundreds of products, we’ve become experts at listening to our customers and guiding design pathways for innovation and efficient manufacturing. Wether we’re helping you express, expand, or reduce the scope of your needs, our goal is to assist you in maximizing the impact of your product into the market. The more you’re able to sell, the more we’re able to make, and that’s what we call a win win!

Cost is without a doubt one of the most significant factors in product manufacturing and the associates at Harbor Designs understand that well. While overall value is key, there’s no denying the importance of keeping costs in line. That’s why our project managers and sales associates are proud to use their strategic domestic and off shore partnerships to offer the most competitive prices in the industry without sacrificing quality, consistency or timeliness.

Services Provided

Product Development

  • Product Assembly & Packaging (Specialty)
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