Tattooing License

Anyone who wishes to maintain, operate, or conduct a tattoo establishment in Baltimore City must obtain a license from the Baltimore City Health Department.


The Plan Review section is the first stop for most facilities looking to obtain a license. New food service facilities or facilities under new ownership, including swimming pools and tattoo establishments, must submit plans and undergo an initial Plan Review inspection prior to license approval.  Use the alternate website link to learn more, highlights include:

  1. Apply for a Use and Occupancy Permit from the Department of Planning located at 417 East Fayette Street prior to applying for a Plan Review inspection. Keep the receipt you receive when you submit the application.
  2. Visit the Environmental Health’s office, and provide your Use and Occupancy receipt along with fee.
  3. At this time, you will receive an information packet detailing all the materials you will need in order to obtain a tattooing license.

Mobile tattoo facilities and the practice of “tattoo parties” are prohibited in the City of Baltimore.


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Registration, License and Permits

  • Registration, License and Permits
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Bureau of Environmental Health, Baltimore City Health Department
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