Solid Waste Permit

Anyone who wishes to transport waste to the City landfill must obtain a permit from the City Health Department. The type and cost of permit depends on the size and weight of the vehicle.


Baltimore City Health Code Section 7-221: Hours of Solid Waste Collection

No hauler or any other person may collect solid waste in the city between 11 P.M. and 7 A.M. In addition, no solid waste may be collected within 300 feet of a residential structure during this time, including weekends and legal holidays.

Do I Need a Waste Hauler License?

If you are a Baltimore City resident who occupies residential property and collect, transports, or disposes solid waste generated by the residential use of that property, you do not require a waste hauler license.

You will require a waste hauler license if you contract with others for the collection, transportation, or disposal of solid waste; or engage in the collection transportation, or disposal of solid waste.

How Do I Apply for a Waste Hauler License?

  1. Bring the registration form for each truck to Environmental Inspection Services at 1001 East Fayette Street, Baltimore MD 21202. Registration must include the weight of the vehicle.
  2. Pay the required fee at our customer service counter: $100 for each truck over 7000 lbs., $35 for each truck 7000 lbs. and under. 90 day permits are also available for a pro-rated fee. Solid waste collection company with more than one vehicle must pay $100 for each vehicle, regardless of weight. Dumpsters 2 cubic yards or more are $25 each.

Note: Licenses must be renewed every year.

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