Baltimore Community Lending

Baltimore Community Lending, a non-profit CDFI, is a real estate lender for commercial and builder businesses. We provide construction and mini-permanent loans for Investment properties – homes for sale/rent, apartments, and commercial/mixed-use buildings.


Baltimore Community Lending (BCL) was established in 1989 as a nonprofit real estate lender and is a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). We provide construction and mini-permanent loans for: Investment properties – homes for sale and small apartment projects; and commercial/mixed-use buildings.

Our partnerships with private lenders, government agencies, foundations and community groups consistently enable us to offer a wide range of flexible financing options to borrowers.

Our Mission is to support the revitalization and strengthening of underserved Baltimore neighborhoods through innovative and flexible financial assistance designed to promote community development.


The BCL Commercial Multi-Family Loan Program is an exceptional financing opportunity for developers (including non-profits) and individual investors with a vision to rehabilitate properties in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods of Baltimore City. Designed for properties with a variety of potential uses, this flexible program is one of the best financing options for small- to medium-sized real estate development projects in the City. Main product can be an acquisition-construction loan or a construction-mini-perm loan.

Property Type: Rental apartments, including single home for rental, commercial buildings, community facilities or mixed use commercial (storefront w/rental units above). Single house rental property is eligible. Must be located in Baltimore City

Allowable uses: residential rental or sale, commercial lease, mixed use, community services. No bars, liquor establishments, gas stations or establishments that store or handle hazardous materials. Rehabilitation is required (minimum $25,000 per unit) Term 5-7 years;

Amortization: 20 years. 9, 12, or 18 mo. construction period.

Interest Rate: WSJ Prime plus 100 to 200 basis points (1 to 2%) 6% floor. Floating, interest-only during construction; fixed at completion

Loan-to-Value Maximum 90% of after-rehab or ‘as completed’ appraised value

Debt Coverage Ratio 1.15 (Ratio of Net Operating Income to Debt Service payments) required for rental property.

Maximum Loan: $1,000,000 (maximum also applies as maximum exposure)

Other terms subject to approval of Loan Committee Guidance.

Line of Credit Product is also available for experienced Baltimore-based developers of housing in Low- and Moderate-Income census tracts. Minimum $250,000 Line with a 12 month term and 12 month extension at lender discretion. Interest-only.

Similar terms to above BCL also considers and welcomes loan participations with other lenders and CDFIs. We can also provide second lien/subordinate loans up to $1,000,000. Terms are subject to change without notice. An advance appointment with a BCL Loan Officer is highly recommended for all loan applicants.

CONTACT: Sean E.L. Russell, Senior Loan Officer – 410-727-8590 x725 or & Dierdra Pressley – 410.727.8590 x723 or

Services Provided

Economic and Site Development

  • Revitalization

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Obtaining Debt Funding
  • Economic Development Lending
  • Loan Providers
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Tax Credits
  • Micro Loans

Tax Services

  • Tax Credits


  • Trade Education and Training
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Melissa Badeker
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