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Featured Business of the Month- Off the Rox

Posted Sep 04, 2018

Off the Rox
It’s more than the wine – it’s the culture

Off the Rox is located at 3232 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD. 21224 on the first floor of a newly developed 65- unit luxury apartment facility called Highland Haus. Owners, Jeryl Cole and Tyrekia Jackson sought financial assistance from one of our resource partners, The Small Business Resource Center. Based on their strong business plan, and market profile, they were advised to apply for a micro loan through another one of our resource partners, Baltimore Business Lending and are the recent recipients of a micro loan.

Off the Rox, LLC consists of two members, Tyrekia Jackson, and Jeryl Cole, Sr.General Manager. Jeryl Cole is in charge of development and will lead the company into an elite retail store with his 10-years of retail and beverage experience. He created an innovative concept for the market, and has a deep knowledge and understanding of what the community needs. Jeryl has the knowledge and experience to be effective in product selection, ordering the store's wine, beer, and food. He has demonstrated superior customer service skills and the ability to retain customers.

Operations Manager, Tyrekia Jackson, holds a bachelor’s degree in informatics management, with many years of retail experience. She managed inventory for 5-years and possesses strategic planning, organizational and analytical skills that will help her manage daily operations, including inventory tracking, customer care, and staff oversight. Currently, Ms. Jackson assists the CEO of a project management firm, with initiating and executing contracts.

The Highlandtown neighborhood area was the obvious choice to open their business because it created an opportunity to target a growing market whose needs were not being met by current retail options. Off the Rox offers and stocks local artisanal snacks such as cheeses, French baguettes, crackers, meats, and chocolates. The shop encourages socializing by providing a lounge area, tables, and free Wi-Fi. The goal is to offer the consumer more than wine and beer, but also introduce them to the culture.

Baltimore SourceLink is proud to have had two of our resource partners, the Small Business Resource Center and Baltimore Business Lending assist and support Off the Rox in their business endeavors. We are looking forward to continued growth and success for them for many years to come.