Solving Turnover Problems at the Front Door—Not On the Shop Floor

Turnover is a bane rampant in companies throughout the country, costing companies billions of dollars and thousands of headaches. Fully-loaded estimates have it that to turn over an entry level employee costs about 1/3 his annual salary, usually pegged at $ 6,000 per.


The Supply Side of Workforce Development is not really a system and, by definition, is out of control and cannot be relied upon to deliver “products” that meet the needs and specifications to satisfy Demand Side companies.  Variation in referred candidates is great, and it falls to the hiring company to assure that the candidates hired have the “employability characteristics” that make them a good investment.  A 90-day probation period does not solve the problem:  turnover is turnover; costs are costs.


Common among company leaders is this sentiment:  “Send me a candidate who has a good work background, shows up when I want him to, gives me a day’s work when he comes, doesn’t steal and doesn’t do drugs, then I will teach him everything he needs to know to be a good employee for me.”  Sound familiar?


Polaris Profiles Step One Survey (SOS) helps companies solve this problem at the front door, not on the shop floor.  A highly reliable, valid and affordable screening assessment, the SOS provides data and predictive metrics  on the concerning “employability characteristics” and allows managers make very judicious hiring decisions—bringing on people who will be a good investment for the company.  The results are dramatic:


·         A hospital reduced its 90-day turnover rate by 60% in 6 months.

·         A property management company reduced its turnover rate from 48% to 24% the first year.

·         One manufacturer reported: “We are saving $785,000 per year for an assessment program that costs us less than $25,000—an ROI of 3500%.”

·         Another manufacturer reports: “We reduced turnover in the plant by 60% in 5 months! Wow.”


Is this something you would want for your company?


To see how the SOS can be seamlessly inserted into your workflow, call:

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