Featured Business of the Month-Oyin Handmade

Jamyla Bennu6

“Oyin” is the Yoruba word for honey, a natural humectant and amazing ingredient in natural hair and skin care. It also stands for the principles of sweetness, joy, and love — elements they seek to inspire in their customers’ daily acts of self-care.
Oyin was created in 2001 by Jamyla Bennu, a lifelong ingredient-conscious naturalista, when she couldn’t find commercially available natural and organic products for her highly textured, natural hair. Joined by her husband and partner Pierre in 2003, the company began online only, and is still family-owned and operated.
Oyin proudly maintains a commitment to high-quality, effective formulations made from natural, organic, and food-grade ingredients. 
Their products are gentle, cruelty-free, and moisture focused, providing impeccable nutrition and styling for dry, curly, and highly textured hair types.
~ no petroleum ~ no silicones ~ no sulfates ~ no animal testing ~ no parabens ~ no non-nourishing fillers
Oyin is independently owned operated, and made with love. Their products are gentle and effective enough for the whole family!
Oyin Handmade is a proud member of Made in Baltimore which is one of our resource partners. Made in Baltimore provides a platform for local business in Baltimore to promote and sell locally made products. Oyin is also part of the InnerCity Capital Connections (ICCC) cohort. 
Oyin Handmade at https://oyinhandmade.com/